Share My Creation (Game) Math King

Test your math skill and reach the goal by applying mathematical operations to the given values.

To do this you select a (result) value, the operator to apply in the formula and then the second (result) value.

Each given goal has atleast 1 solution with a minimum of 2 operations to rule out single operation wins.

You have 90 seconds to solve the puzzle.

This game is based on the math subgame of the dutch/belgian TV game "Cijfers en Letters" ("Des Chiffres et des Lettres", "Countdown" and other variants.)

libs used: icore, iadmob (ads), threading (data generating,solution solver), iphone (stay awake), ihttp (score/ranking)

MathKing-splash.png MathKing-menu.png MathKing-game.png


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Congrats Sorex. Put a graphic in your post so it shows in the forum index, then it stands out better :)

Edit: I see it is working now, it wasnt earlier.