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Hi !

I am writing an app that needs to register the DEVICE ID on my servers, so that messages can be sent using this ID as recipient.

Having looked over the forum, I

In my Main Activity I have

Dim objPhone As Phone
DEVICE_ID = objPhone.GetSettings("android_id")
SenderId = "xxxx"

Then in my Init activity I have

Sub registerDevice

   CallSubDelayed2(PushService, "RegisterDevice", False)
End Sub

In my PushService, I have:

Sub Service_Start (StartingIntent As Intent)
   Select StartingIntent.Action
     Case ""
     Case ""
   End Select
End Sub

Sub RegisterDevice (Unregister As Boolean)
   Dim i As Intent
   If Unregister Then     
     i.Initialize("", "")
     i.Initialize("", "")
     i.PutExtra("sender", Main.GCM_PROJECT_ID)
   End If
   Dim r As Reflector
   Dim i2 As Intent
   i2 = r.CreateObject("android.content.Intent")
   Dim pi As Object
   pi = r.RunStaticMethod("", "getBroadcast", _
     Array As Object(r.GetContext, 0, i2, 0), _
     Array As String("android.content.Context", "", "android.content.Intent", ""))
   i.PutExtra("app", pi)
End Sub

Sub HandleRegistrationResult(Intent As Intent)

   If Intent.HasExtra("error") Then
     Utils.Log_("Error: " & Intent.GetExtra("error"))
     ToastMessageShow("Error: " & Intent.GetExtra("error"), True)
   Else If Intent.HasExtra("unregistered") Then
     ' Here we unregister the DEVICE_ID at our own servers
     Dim j As HttpJob
     j.Initialize("UnregisterTask", Me)
     Dim paramsStr As String = "deviceID="&Main.DEVICE_ID&"&uuid="&Main.CURRENTUSER.ID&"&apptype=ANDROID&app="&Main.APP_APPLICATION_NAME.Replace("%s", "")
     j.PostString(Callbacks.CB_DEVICE_UNREGISTRATION_URL, paramsStr)

   Else If Intent.HasExtra("registration_id") Then
     Dim rid As String
     rid = Intent.GetExtra("registration_id")
     Dim j As HttpJob
     j.Initialize("RegisterTask", Me)

     ' Here we register the DEVICE_ID at our own servers
     Dim paramsStr As String = "deviceID="&rid&"&uuid="&Main.CURRENTUSER.ID&"&apptype=ANDROID&app="&Main.APP_APPLICATION_NAME.Replace("&s", "")     
     j.PostString(Callbacks.CB_DEVICE_REGISTRATION_URL, paramsStr)

   End If
End Sub
Sub JobDone(Job As HttpJob)


End Sub

What I fail to understand is, since the RegisterDevice() does not set the registration_id as an extra for the intent started (to Main.DEVICE_ID), how does GCM/Google know the registration ID ???
So in RegisterDevice() do I need to set the registration_id to Main.DEVICE_ID in some extra for the intent ?

Please help me understand !

Thanks !



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There are two different ids:
1. The device name (Main.Device_id)
2. The push id.

GCM service has nothing to do with the first id. It only work with the second id, which is returned from the GCM service in HandleRegistrationResult.

The first id is in some cases useful for us to map the push id with a more meaningful id.
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