Android Question Generating R file. Error

Lori Scott

Licensed User
I am trying to work with TabStripViewPager Library. It downloads fine. The library is visible/selectable in B4a. The custom view is available.

When I attempted to run the sample project TabStripExample, it would not open on my device - giving a message like 'The file appears to be corrupt'. Since then I Installed Selected recommendations in my B4a SDK Manger, and pointed my Android.jar to 28 in Tools/Configure Paths. Now when I try to run the TabStripExample project, I get this error:

Compiling code. Error
The process cannot access the file 'P:\B4X\B4A\TabStrip\Objects\AndroidManifest.xml' because it is being used by another process.

I generated a new project, using the same layout files and code as the TabStripExample project. When I ran it, I got this error:

Generating R file. Error
Could not find file 'P:\B4X\B4A\FloProEPOP_B\Objects\gen\b4a\TabStripPractice\'.

There is an auto-generated file in the folder where it says it could not find it.

Please suggest what to try next.