custom view

  1. S

    B4J Library Open street map viewer

    see a B4Xlib for B4A and B4J to view Open Street Map
  2. MarkusR

    Wish enumerate custom views in activity

    enumerate through activity objects / views did not return the original custom view class for some reason.
  3. Yunus ÖZ

    Android Question Notification Play/Pause Problem

    Hi everyone, I'm using NotificationBuilder library for my radio app. (Thank you very much to the developer @barx ). This is my Custom Layout File <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <RelativeLayout xmlns:android=""...
  4. LucaMs

    Wish [already exists] Designer - Custom views "type".

    If possible, a less generic "description" of (you can have more than one kind of custom views in your layout, of course)
  5. Lori Scott

    Android Question Generating R file. Error

    I am trying to work with TabStripViewPager Library. It downloads fine. The library is visible/selectable in B4a. The custom view is available. When I attempted to run the sample project TabStripExample, it would not open on my device - giving a message like 'The file appears to be corrupt'...
  6. carlos7000

    Spanish Habilitar customView [solucionado]

    Hola a todos. Estoy intentando crear una sencilla aplicación me muestre un mapa de Google map. Pero el primer escollo que encuentro, es que en el Diseñador visual esta deshabilitado el objeto customView. Segun las instrucciones en...
  7. T

    German gibt es anpassbare Buttons?

    Hi, ich versuche gerade viele Buttons mit Rahmen zu machen. In meiner Core version gibt es leider keine Rahmen. Ich wollte fragen ob es bereits additional libraries gibt mit denen ich das bewerkstelligen kann. LG, Tooob
  8. LucaMs

    Android Code Snippet How to add Custom Views programmatically

    Sub Name: !!! Description: Allows you to add Custom Views programmatically (by code) Author: @Erel Sub SpecialSubThatCreatesACustomViewProgrammatically (Parent As Panel, Left As Int, Top As Int, Width As Int, Height As Int)...
  9. ShaneG30

    Wish More CustomView Designer Properties

    1: #DesignerWidth and #DesignerHeight - Would allow us to set the default width and height of the "panel" that is created by the designer. 2: #DesignerAnchors - Would allow us to set the default anchors for our custom views.
  10. rleiman

    Android Question error "current module does not support adding members"

    Hi Everyone, After adding a custom view I get the following errors when trying to add a member using the "Generate" menu item. Why? I thought we are allowed to add them to custom views. Do I need to set something? This is happening to all custom views I try to add a member to. The attached...
  11. Pucci0095

    Android Question Problem with CustomView

    Hi all. I'm new to the forum. I've a little problem with custom class. how can I turn my Base Panel into view, so that I can add it via code in an activity or another object, like a list? EXAMPLE: Sub Globals Dim myButton As mybutton End sub Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)...