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  1. jmon

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    This snippet gives you the screen position of a node in your application. Useful when you have a pop-up that needs to be aligned to a control, like a tooltip for example.

    'Returns a map containing the x and y screen position values
    'for the given node. If coordinates are not found, then return 0
    'Dim ScreenPos As Map = GetScreenPosition(MyNode)
    Private Sub GetScreenPosition(n As NodeAs Map
    Dim m As Map = CreateMap("x"0"y"0)
    Dim x = 0, y = 0 As Double
    Dim joNode = n, joScene, joStage As JavaObject
    'Get the scene position:
        joScene = joNode.RunMethod("getScene",Null)
    If joScene.IsInitialized = False Then Return m
        x = x + joScene.RunMethod(
        y = y + joScene.RunMethod(

    'Get the stage position:
        joStage = joScene.RunMethod("getWindow"Null)
    If joStage.IsInitialized = False Then Return m
        x = x + joStage.RunMethod(
        y = y + joStage.RunMethod(
    'Get the node position in the scene:
        Do While True
            y = y + joNode.RunMethod(
            x = x + joNode.RunMethod(
            joNode = joNode.RunMethod(
    If joNode.IsInitialized = False Then Exit

    "x", x)
    "y", y)
    Return m
    End Sub
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  2. rwblinn

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    thanks a lot - good.
    Small hint on defining the map m is to use CreateMap instead:
    Dim m As Map = CreateMap("x":0"y":0)
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  3. jmon

    jmon Well-Known Member Licensed User


    I totally forgot this function! I think I have seen that somewhere, but didn't pay attention to it. Thanks for the reminder!

    By the way, I forgot to mention that this snippet works with child windows too, and child of child of child ...

    Thank you.
  4. jmon

    jmon Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I updated the function in first post. The previous one wasn't returning correct results if called several times in a row in some cases.
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