Wish Git hub integration


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This wish could really benefit from some more information. What is the problem, and how would you like to see it solved?

Jaco vd Walt

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Ok thanks, so here is what I had in mind. In Visual Studio you can pull a repository from github and work on it. And then whenever you are ready to do a commit, you can do it inside of Visual Studio. You can then push the commit to the master at Git Hub, and everything will stay nice and updated at the Github repo. All of this happens inside of VS, by means of 3 clicks. So what I am currently doing is using the GIT GUI client, manually go to the folder of the project, right click, stage and commit. Thereafter clicking on push to update the online repo with the changes. So it is working, but it would just have been nice if b4a IDE had the option to make use of Githubs features.
I hope this makes more sense ?


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I can't speak for Erel but I highly doubt it was ever started much less "still being worked on". This topic has been covered many times before and I know that there's at least one other wish for it. You can do a search if you like to get more of an idea of what he thinks of it.