Android Question Google map is never initialized if used with B4XDrawer (Drawer.CenterPanel.LoadLayout)


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I am using B4XDrawer and and I load my layout file with the MapFragment on it by using

However, if I do it this way, Google Map is never initialize and I am stuck with a map that has no location.

If I use
then the MapFragment will initialize just fine.

Anyone else have this problem?


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Can you upload the project? Don't forget to remove your API key.

Here you go Erel:

The upload is "too big" (1MB) to be uploaded.

Thank you

I should mention that I've tried both real device and emulator, in both debug and release mode.
The emulator always has GPS enabled.

If I take away the B4XDrawer part and just have a layout with only Gmap and load it using Activity.Load(""), it will work fine
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I took this example:

Change B4XPage_Created to:
Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView)
    Root = Root1
    Dim drawer As B4XDrawer
    drawer.Initialize(Me, "drawer", Root, 200dip)
    btnJumpToParis.Enabled = False
    Wait For (InitializeMap) Complete (Success As Boolean)
    MapReady = Success
    If MapReady Then
        Log("map ready")
        btnJumpToParis.Enabled = True
        gmap.AddMarker(0, 0, "Center")
    End If
End Sub
It works fine.
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