Android Question google notiftcation for Advertising ID


google sent me an email about advertising Id. i use just firebaseAdmob library for advertisment.
i use b4a 2.12, firebaseAdmobe2 v3.0
how can i solve this problem?

We’ve identified that y

Issue found: Families Data Practices​

We’ve identified that your app or an SDK in your app transmits device identifier(s) from children or users of unknown age that do not comply with our Families Policy.
  • These identifiers may include but are not limited to Advertising ID.
Your app may face additional enforcement actions, if you do not resolve this issue by May 22, 2023.
Issue details
We found an issue in the following area(s):
  • Code Analysis
About the Families Policy Requirements

Apps that solely target children should not transmit the following:
  • Android Advertising ID (AAID)
  • SIM Serial
  • Build Serial
  • MAC
  • SSID
  • IMEI and/or IMSI
Apps that target both children and older audiences must not transmit the listed identifiers from children or users of unknown age.

Action required: Submit an updated app for review​

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