Share My Creation GOPHRite, Gopher client for Android

Hi, this is my first post in the community and i would like to share an app. made with B4X. I am still in the learning process of the platform, so any advices about the app. are welcome.

GOPHRite is a Gopher client for Android devices. It uses a Webview to render the pages, cause i wanted the zoom, scroll and theming with css capabilities of it.

I know it's a weird app to make, in the era of todays modern web, but i was always fascinated by the TEXTMODE. :)

You can get the app. from here: and gopher://

And some screenshots...


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Made some changes...
+ Added Find/Find Next functions
= In the Address editbox, the clear key, removes the "gopher://" prefix to allow more space for the new URL
# Fixed, wrong link in Homepage menuitem, in the Drawer Menu
+ Added support for the "P" (PDF Document") Gopher type, which some sites use
# Fixed duplicate entries in the AutoCompleteEdit of the Bookmarks page