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Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by dennishea, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. dennishea

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    First I have a Axim x50 520 mgz.

    Quetion) Has anybody managed to get gps4ppc to link with external bluetooth gps unit without using gpsgate and the like? I can use gpsgate and everything works fine with it but I would rather do it with just b4ppc and it's librarys if at all possible. Thanks in advance for any light that can be shed on this.

  2. Erel

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  3. dennishea

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    Yes I have tried the tutorial, gps4ppc works fine with gpsgate running. Both tutorial's react the same. When I'm using gps4ppc I select Connect not "Show All Ports" the com choice's from b4ppc it shows com 1: with a bunch of charactors that look like russian or japanese or something, com 2: native ir, com 3: nothing behind it and com 5: bt uart on com 5. If I choose anything other than com 3: it error's out with error opening port. Com 3: say's it's connected for the five seconds, then it disconnects. When I use Show All Ports no matter what selection I make they error out. Again with gpsgate running everything works fine. I'm using axim x50 with wm5 rom a01. I wish I could be of more help solving this. :sign0148: :sign0188:
  4. jesb4ppc

    jesb4ppc Member Licensed User

    GpsGate & b4ppc

    Hi dennishea,

    I've been working also with gpsgate and GPS reading functions, over an Htc/Qtek S200 with WM5 and a external BT GPS.

    Yes, it works but, until now, not quite well; I mean that I've been able to read positions provided from gpsgate virtual port in a GPS simple application (the GPS sample), but with a lot of delay, both in the first adquirance, and also in the following retreived data. :confused:

    This delay makes it no useful for a real time working, which was what I needed, so I stopped developing with gpsgate. Maybe there's a way to make it works ok, but in a first approaching it has a unexpected delay.

    Good luck,

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