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  1. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    A newer version of GPS4PPC is available here:

    This application includes a couple of tools you can use with GPS and / or with navigation.
    It supports:
    - Converting coordinates between Lat / Lon and UTM grids.
    - Converting coordinates between different datums and different formats.
    - Calculating the distance and course between two coordinates.
    - Using a GPS device it can show the present position, speed, and course (digitally and visually) in different formats, datums and grids.
    - It includes an on screen large numpad so there is no need to use the smaller soft keyboard.

    The setup file can be downloaded here:

    The source code is attached.


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  2. micronaet

    micronaet New Member Licensed User

    compile for WM 6.0

    I'm a new user and I'm sorry for my english. I would like to know how can I choose in basic4ppc the type of compilation. I've tried the Gps4ppc exe file for wm6 and it works correctly but if I try to compile the source file with my basic4ppc, after the installation on the device, I have an error. In fact, at the end of the installation Windows says that the program is planned for one previous version.
  3. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    The source code uses SerialDevice.dll / SerialDesktop.dll libraries.
    These libraries are only supported on .Net CF 1.0.
    WM6.0 devices are installed with .Net CF 2.0.
    The Serial2 library is supported by .Net CF 2.0.
    Using Tools - Components, you should remove these two libraries and add Serial2.dll to the device and desktop.
    See this page for more information about .Net CF 1.0/2.0:
  4. micronaet

    micronaet New Member Licensed User

    it works correctly, thank you
  5. Mole

    Mole New Member

    Idea for using GPS4PPC


    :sign0104: Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place!

    I have an idea for an application using GPS. I haven't been able to find this done by anyone else, and I think other people would find it useful aswell.

    My idea is, I would like to be able to log co-ordinates of a journey using GPS, then display them later, overlaid as a "trail" on a map - preferably one of the web maps, like googlemaps or multimap. I know the logging would be possible, but I have no idea whether overlaying the trail on someone elses map is possible!

    Any ideas anyone? :confused:

  6. alfcen

    alfcen Well-Known Member Licensed User

  7. derez

    derez Expert Licensed User

    Recording GPS

    Your Idea has been implemented (like most of the good ideas) :
    this is a code fraction for the recording of the parameters:

    If flag.recording = -2 Then
    record_line(line) = t_time & "," & t_date & "," & t_speed & "," & t_track & "," & temp_long & "," & t_EW & "," & temp_lat & "," & t_NS & "," & t_alt & "," & t_sat
    lineno.Text = line
    If line < 2998 Then line = line + 1
    End If

    all the lines of parameters are stored in an array and if the user want to save - it is written to a file using the following sub:

    Sub SavePB_Click
    SaveDialog1.Filter = "PlayBack files|*.rec"
    If SaveDialog1.Show <> cCancel Then
    WaitCursor (True)
    PBfile = SaveDialog1.File
    line = 0
    line = line + 1
    Loop Until record_line(line) = "RECORD END"
    line = 1
    WaitCursor (false)
    End If
    End Sub

    I don't place this recording on the map because it will take too much runtime resources (lines are recorded every few seconds), but I can put on the moving map a route, made by connecting way-points with a line, while each way-point is drawn by a small circle, see photo attached.

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  8. mcflaytasche

    mcflaytasche Member Licensed User

    Hello derez,
    what programm are you using for the movingmap.
    Is it written in Basic4ppc?
    I'm searching about a Software that can do movingmap.
    Thanks about your help
  9. derez

    derez Expert Licensed User

    The program is what I wrote myself.
    Since the map is a picture (jpg), I use the function DrawImage to put the picture on the screen, where the position of the origin is calculated as the distances from the relative coordinate to the map origin, multiplied by the factor of conversion from distance to pixels on the screen.The position is refreshed every time I have new position coordinates from the gps.
  10. rpn42s

    rpn42s New Member


    I am a new user and need help. I cannot make the software to work on the ipaq3955 after installation. It is missing the file GPS4PPC.EXE. Only pictures of Lat Long, Converter & GPS were shown but cannot access application.

    Anyone got some idea?

  11. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    The ZIP file only contains the souce code and files used to create the aplication, it is not a compiled ( exe ) aplication.
    Open it with your basic4ppc IDE and run it.
  12. rpn42s

    rpn42s New Member

    Thank you. I was able to install it.
  13. Kanne

    Kanne Member Licensed User

    extendted GPS-View


    I found this tool when searching for PPC-applications for geocaching.

    It would be helpful to have this function available:
    in the GPS-view I would like to have a function where I may enter a destination and the display should show me the distance and direction according to the current GPS-position (should not be so diffcult, because all calculations are already available in the Caclculator-view)

    Another question:
    I just downloaded the trial version of the BASIC4PPC; on the desktop I may test / compile the source using Debug/Build /RUN but it's not possible to compile the source via file\compile\device ... is this due to the trail-version ?!

  14. taximania

    taximania Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Welcome to the forum Kanne.

    The trial version doesn't allow you to compile .exe for Desktop or Device.

    Go on :sign0060: buy it. It's worth it.

    Just don't write TV gameshows :sign0137:
    See my sig :signOops:
  15. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Yes, only the full version allows you to compile your application to an executable.
    You can run the source code on the device using the device IDE.
  16. flet

    flet New Member

    CAB file

    All, I don't use ActiveSync but still would like to test GPS4PPC. I don't have Basic4PPC installed yet (first I'd like to evaluate the GPS app, then go through the langage installation process).
    Could someone send me (or post on the forum) a CAB (or PPC .exe) file for installing GPS4PPC?
  17. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    The Cab file is attached.
    Note that it requires .Net CF 2.0.

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  18. maxcfung

    maxcfung New Member Licensed User

    Hi, I need some help with getting GPS4PPC to work with the HTC Cruise.
    These are the settings which works fine with google map and mapking.

    GPS program port: (COM4)
    GPS hardware port: (none)
    Baud rate: 4800

    In GPS4PPC,
    When I hit connect, a msg box pops up with GPS connected, but after 2 seconds another msg box pops up with GPS disconnected. Any other ports will pop an msg for error opening port.

    Many thanks =)
  19. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

  20. maxcfung

    maxcfung New Member Licensed User

    Yes it seems to be the same problem. Would there be another way other than paying GPSGate 20 bucks ^^?
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