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Discussion in 'B4J Share Your Creations' started by DieterR, Feb 15, 2015.

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    This App is my B4J Learning Project. Now it works! :) I started programing similar applications about 10 years ago with B4P. Now B4A and B4J are the tools. B4J is very powerfull, but the use of libraries is hard to understand. Many questions for further improvement are still open. ;)

    Program Description

    The main function is the display of OpenStreetMaps. I found the Map library and some hints in this thread:

    After the first start the program loads via online mode several map tiles and shows the middle of Europe. The program will work much faster when map tiles are already stored on harddisk. Therefore, the progam can be switched into offline mode. The actual version yet does not store map tiles itself - a future feature ... :cool:

    GPX Files are XML. The program demonstrates the parsing of GPX by use of jXmlSax. GPX files may contain a lot of informations, but only tracks are parsed. Routes or waypoints are very similar to parse. The track speed is calculated by the coordinate and time data (when available). The result is stored in a table view and displayed in a xy-chart. With a Mouse-Click into the xy-charth or a table row the selected track point is marked in the centered map.:cool:

    The setup and last map view are stored in a Json file.

    Open a new project "GPX-Viewer", store "GPX-Viewer.b4j" in the project path, store "Layout1.fxml" and "Demo.gpx" into the sub path "Files". Enjoy it! Please, publish your improvements also to the communtity.

    17. Febr. 2015: Replacement of the B4J source file, it includes several performance improvements.

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    Mainly to erel,

    I tried to use the forum search for this starting threat; i looked for 'gpx' 'b4j' 'viewer" and had no sucess. When i search in google, it is found and listed as fourth hit, inside B4A forum its not found. Second question: much times i am looking for questions i have read in the last weeks - a search filter, which only looks in the last weeks would also be nice.
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    It is better to post it in forum discussion section. The site search engine didn't include this sub-forum by mistake. Check it again in 15 minutes and it should show.
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