Android Question Graphics and fonts


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I made application for my friend.
Tested on HTC Wildfire and Sensation and on Samsung Galaxy TAB.Work OK.
Then i tested on NEXUS 5 . Graphics was Ok, but fonts was too large.
First i create label with Width and Height. The Text.Size i specify as Label.Height * 0.8.
On NEXUS this metod dont work. Or i need somthing to recalculate ??


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This is wrong Label.Height * 0.8
You need to take into accout the scale of the screen.
This should do it:
Label.Height * 0.8 / GetDeviceLayoutValues.Scale


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Don't worry, me too :).
Hm, i have question: can i send you my app for testing ? App is not yet finished, but i wish to know, if i can put this my work on GooglePlay and will work on all devices.
App zipped is 0 Mb long so i can't put it on forum. Thank, Klaus.
A, old? I'm 60.