B4R Question HC-05 not able to communicate with ESP8266


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I am using HC-05 with ESP8266.
The Interface is as below:
ESP8266------> HC-05
RX------> TX
TX------> RX
GND------> GND
3.3V------> 3.3V

I am able to connect successfully and Paired HC05 with my android mobile.
I have downloaded Bluetooth terminal HC05 to communicate with ESP8266.
But after successful pairing with my mobile I am not able to communicate.
Below is my code
Public Serial1 As Serial
    'Private wifi As ESP8266WiFi
    Private Softserial As SoftwareSerial
    Private astream As AsyncStreams
End Sub

Private Sub AppStart
    Softserial.Initialize(9600,5,4) '5 as for RX(D1) and 4 is for TX(D2)
End Sub

private Sub astream_NewData(buffer() As Byte)
End Sub

Please advice


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If your ESP is from China then the numbers of the pins are incorrect, try the connection with pins 5,6 or 7 as these numbers are the same in all products.
Also - put an Error sub instead of the Null, maybe this is the reason.
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Complete example is available here:
@Erel... I checked your example and based on your example, I started to work on HC-05.
I have used softwareSerial Instead hardware Serial and that's why I am not using Inline C/C++
The only issue is I am not able to receive any data from Mobile to Serial Monitor.
As from my previous update... any wrong I am doing? Please advice...
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