Android Question Helloworld working demo


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I have tried dozens of examples of demo B4A projects that just does not compile for any reasons. Looks like it is extremely hard to find a hello world project that just compiles without errors.
Please help me to find it. I need something to start working.
I am using B4A Version 9.50


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post the error message

If it is a compile error, then they are usually pretty clear about what is wrong.

There is not much to go wrong in a "hello world" program, especially if all you've done is taken a blank project and added a Log("Hello, World!") line to it.

The phone has to be configured to allow non-GooglePlay installs.

B4A-Bridge has to be running on the phone.

B4A IDE needs to be connected to the B4A-Bridge.


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@email, if you have followed the installation correctly then simple msgbox should display. Otherwise it will give error log.
Do run in 'debug' mode to check the logs first.