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I read about scanners in this forum.
I read about scan2key (never find something like that on my Symbol.MC70), and I look in my device but I only found this:

- Symbol.Barcode.Design.dll
- Symbol.Imaging.Design.dll

I try to use it for scanner activating, but nothing...
I try Bracode.zip form Erel, but nothing happend...
I usually don't know how to use :
TextBoxName_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
function form dll file...
object sender is like - Scanner...? and
EventArgs e - is True / False ...?

My scanner work with program who is been installed before I take MC70, called mobile.exe (Croatian designers), but i don't know how to view raw code for activating scanner form exe file.

I run my exe on mc70, it's working fine with CSV databases, only thing is that TextBox - reading from barcode scanner ....

any Idea


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I'm really digging through the cobwebs in the back of my brain for this one...

If I remember correctly, the barcode scanner on the Symbol MC70 passes the scanned data through a serial port. I think it is also possible to configure the device to pass the data as if it was keyboard input, so it might be readable as Erel suggested.

I no longer have an MC70 around, so I'm sorry that I can't test this for you.



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I Try But...

I try to use simple program from barcode library and I comment the line to view textbox.. and nothing happened...
(I'm not sure that Barcode.dll, activate my scanner on start program)

I think that the problem is on Using Button for scan, and activating scanner on start program.

Also I read all manually from Symbol MC70.
There are 2 ways for scanning:
Linear Scanning, and
Imager Scanning,
but there are no example how to turn ON the scanner (in code).
Only a solution how to use scanning method correctly...


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Barcode scanner activating HELP !!!

I can't turn ON barcode scanner when my program start, I try many times with all possible DLL files even the barcode.dll from this forum...

Maybe because I'm new in mobile development with Basic4PPC, and I don't know commands for enabling and disabling hardware after starting my program.

Also I can find button (on top from my device Symbol MC70) to use with code in my program such us:

Sub Button1_Click - Where Button1 is HARDWARE button for using scanner from my device.

Thanks to any help !!!
P.S. By the way, Basic4PPC is much better than others... :sign0188:

If you have any Ideas feel free to contact me.


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I think I fing something !!!

Hi Erel and the others!

In this post i send 2 attachments:

1. Symbol.RFID2.Device.zip - this is DLL file. I find this in my device after long day searching how to enable scanner. I think that maybe this DLL will be helpful because I try to load this file in Basic4PPC Desktop software and everything is DONE :sign0060:. There are too menu object to creating and (i guess) using ...
Only bad thing is - How to use :( . I think that maybe here is the solution for enabling and disabling all hardware (I guess in Pocket PC versions like mine)...

2. And the second file in attachment is My Application. This will be program for poll (questionnaire) consumers on different regions and after that the poll takers will send data to server using USB connection (or GPS if I can learn more about ...)

Any idea will be helpful for me.
Believe me I can make less than everything in ASP, but I'm not so good with VBScript!

Thanks, and if you have time please refer this DLL file...
Regards to everyone



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I forget ....

I forget to write about activating the keyboard wedge interface.
I try to find, but there are anything about using hardware keys on the device.
There are only full programs for download for using scanner ...

I find that button in my device named like TRIGGER BUTTON. But I still don't know how to use him. Anyway I think that when the scanner is enabled, I don't need to find button... (but I'm not sure).

Also I try to use Serial2 library and one by one I try open all ports in the device, and only bluetooth ports was opened.
My ports is:
COM1: Drivers\BuiltIn\Serial
COM3: Drivers\BuiltIn\Serial
COM4: Bluetooth
COM5: Bluetooth
COM7: Drivers\BuiltIn\Serial5
COM8: Drivers\BuiltIn\Serial6
COM9: Bluetooth

Sascha K.

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I have a Symbol MC9090 Barcodescanner.
There is a tool to activate the Scanner:
WindowsExplorer --> Application --> Scanwedge.exe


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I cannot find the ScanWedge.exe file !!!

I find ScanLock.exe in my device...
Is this file for activating scanner?

thanks for your time


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OK I find Version of ScanWedge !!


I find version of ScanWedge who after starting scanner is enabled , and the program ScanWedge.exe is hidden in Program Run window..

If you have example code for forwarding data from ScanWedge to your app, can you paste (send me that example) please.

I'm newer with PDA's
Thank you very much for this information ....

Sascha K.

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for first test start scanwedge.exe.
Then open an editor like Wordpad or else on maschine.
Now test if you can scan into Wordpad. (Scanner works like keyboard input)
After this you only have to use a textbox with focus on it to scan into your application.


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Yes, yes, ...

I find that solution, now I have put scanning number in my textbox.

I use :
Sub App_Start
Shell(AppPath & "\ScanWedge.exe","")

But i dont know how to Exit ScanWedge.exe when i close my applicaiton

Thanks for your help ....


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Thank you Erel!

I search in this forum and I find this:

dz.PostMessageToWindow("calculator", 16, 0, 0)

and I use like:

dz.PostMessageToWindow("ScanWedge Example", 16, 0, 0)

and it works :)
Manu thanks to everyone !


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It's not that hard to use a scanner for making easy input (instead of using the keyboard, you use a barcode to enter data). Don't use strange dll's etc!

I have a symbol 9090 and I use the software Datawedge from Symbol (look at symbol.com). This little software will enable the scanner in any program you work! You can then force a C-Return and you are there!



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Thank you guys !!!

I'm not sure that I know where I find ScanWedge for download, but after I try this program, I close all my new tabs in Firefox, and continue to work.

Thank you guys for all your help !