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i have a local builder and also an hosted builder account. sometimes i need to use the local builder when using simulator and other things but mostly i use the hosted builder. The reason for that that it is hard to maintain the local builder and be always up to date. yesterday i compiled my app using the local builder without errors but after using the hosted builder i found that the encryption library is not doing the same and i got some bugs. is there a way to download the whole hosted builder library folder so i can get the same results when using both local and hosted builder?


Lucas Siqueira

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If there was a way to download all the libraries from the hosted server that would be fantastic.

It's hard to be looking for all the necessary libraries.
Yesterday I helped a friend to download Firebase, GoogleMaps and also iSvg.

There could be a way like sdkmanager to download enough libraries from the hosted server.

GoogleMaps Tutorial

Firebase + AdMob v3.00

iSVG (Scalable Vectors Graphics)

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