B4i Library Firebase + AdMob v3.00

A new package with an updated Firebase and AdMob sdks is available.
For now it is released for developers using a local Mac. Don't update if using the hosted builder.

The new version requires Xcode 14+

Mac: https://www.b4x.com/b4i/files/Firebase300.zip
Internal libraries: attached.

Note that there are many changes under the hood, especially in iAdMob. OBJC code or NativeObject calls are likely to require changes.
For example, to get the sdk version:
Dim no As NativeObject
Log(no.RunMethod("sharedInstance", Null).RunMethod("sdkVersion", Null).AsString)

The RewardedVideoAd was not fully tested.
There are new events for InterstitialAd.


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Hi Erel,

if I use this new library, then I can no longer compile, see error message.
Am I doing something wrong, or is it a bug?


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You are using Xcode 13, right? It should work with Xcode 14.
Yes, with Xcode 14 works perfectly.
Please also write this line within the first post so others don't make the same mistake I did.