iOS Tutorial Local Mac Builder Installation

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iOS compilation requires an Apple Mac computer. Developers have two options with B4i:
- Use a local Mac machine connected over the local network.
- Use our hosted builder rental service.

These instructions explain how to install the builder on a local Mac machine.

1. Install Java JDK 8:
OpenJDK 11+ is also good (link is available here:

2. Install Xcode 12:
Xcode 11 will also work, however you need to disable dark mode for now:
#PlistExtra: <key>UIUserInterfaceStyle</key><string>Light</string>
2.5. You need to run Xcode at least once. Approve installation of additional components when asked.
3. Download and unzip the B4i-Builder.
4. Open a terminal and navigate to B4i-Builder folder.
5. Run it with: java -jar B4iBuildServer.jar
6. Set the builder IP address in the IDE under Tools - Build Server - Server Settings

Notes & Tips

By default ports numbers 51041 (http) and 51042 (https) are used.
- The firewall should be either disabled or allow incoming connections on these two ports.
- You can test that the server is running by going to the following link: http://<server ip>:51041/test
- You can kill the server with: http://<server ip>:51041/kill
- It is recommended to set your Mac server ip address to a static address. This can be done in your router settings or in the Mac under Network settings.
- A single Mac builder can serve multiple developers as long as they are all connected to the same local network. Note that you are not allowed to host builders for developers outside of your organization.

Multiple IPs

When the server is started it takes the first IP address reported by the OS and uses it as its own IP address. You can see this address in the server messages.
In most cases this is the correct address. However if it is not the correct IP address then the server will not be usable.
In that case you need to explicitly set the correct address:
- Open the key folder and delete all files.
- Edit key.txt and change it to:
manual:<correct ip address>
For example:


BuildServer v1.02 includes a new test page which provides information about the server, including the SSL key ip address and the libraries versions.
You can access this page with: <Mac ip>:51041/test
For example see the page of one of the online builders:

The SSL Key IP address must match the address that you are using in the IDE.
If you are running an older version of the build server then you can download v1.02 from the same link as before.
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hi erel, i installed the app builder on my mac, follow the instruction everything works, i have changed also the ip in the IDE > tools> ...
when i build the app i also see that it was build succefully also in my windows pc and on my mac

msg: 20:14:47| Compilation time: 1654, beta650, queue:0, success: true

now the only problem is if i navigate in safary to the adress i get from b4i i dont see anything site is loading but no big round button "INSTALL APP"


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if i run server test its ok, also if i open the site in google chrom in my PC i see the Intsall app button, but not in safari, maybe something with the b4i certificate is wrong...


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ok i will use the old bridge but there is a problem, if i start the bridge i see all views and everything is ok, but when i build the app (debug or release) no Install app command...


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Ok erel i got it,..

i am sharing wifi through my mac mini and all devices are now connected to the mac, now everything is working, thanx!!
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i have a question please, with the new builder i have folowing issue

i use my iphone 4 complie app, debug,.. everything is fine then switch to ipad2 also compile debug... everything is fine when i want to connect again my iphone and choose the device ip adress (tools>device ip adress) then i get error could not connect to the device ip...

what i do now is turn off wifi (of iphone 4) and turn on and its working again... what could it be??


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Hi Erel,
I followed above instructions and installed the local builder on my macbook pro with vmware running.

When first running the builder from the terminal, it picked one of the virtual ip addresses from vmware as the builder address.
After removing the builder directory, stopping vmware and then reinstalling the builder, it picked the correct ip address and everything now works smoothly.


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All works fine, local Mac compiler and b4i Brige on the mac, compilation no pb via IDE. No Pb at all

Well done
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