Android Question How can I make Protected-Materials (Documents, Videos)?

Khairy Abdelhamid

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Dear All,
I need to create protected (or secured) materials documents and videos.
The documents and videos can't open out of my developed application.
I think that can be occurred by two ways :
- Make protected pdf with security password, and my app only have the password to open the pdf inside the application. and same for video.
- Make real-time streaming for required document (say pdf or webpage or word) and the application open these stream and view them. and also for video streaming (may Vimeo is more suitable than Youtube).
but sure in second solution the user must work online every time to open the materials. no problem.

Also I need to make any live video (like Zoom) but hope to open the session inside my app also,

Waiting for your suggestions.
Thanks on advance.

Best regards

Jeffrey Cameron

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I've found that an approach such as this is generally more trouble than it's worth. The basic fact is: If the user can see your data (image, video, text, etc.) it can be copied. Whether that's with a simple screenshot function, or even another phone/camera recording their device or even someone going to the extent of decompiling and reverse-engineering the app. There is no way around the basic fact is it's trivially simple to circumvent any protection you may devise.

The simplest and easiest method would be for you to host everything on your own server(s) and then just render the image/text/video onto their device. This way you control the actual "media" as nothing is stored on their phone so they can't use a 3rd-party application to open your media.
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