B4J Question How Detect the ScrollChange in a TableView.

Jorge M A

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Hello Everybody.

How can I detect the ScrollChange in a TableView?

I have done many searches and tried several methods and examples that I find in the forum, but most of them refer to the CLV. I've even tried to analyze the code in the Flexible Table.

All without success for what I require, for my lack of knowledge in java.

I have a slight advance in detecting which range of lines are visible, in the SelectedIndex change.

My final objective is to emulate the behavior of the Data Browser in DB Browser (SQLite). (No Filter Row).

Thank You in advanced.

Jorge M A

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Thank You @Erel.

Why aren't you using B4XTable?
Because I understand that BXTable is based on "pages".

At this point, the application I am developing must provide the "Review Results" functionality, where the user can even scroll up or down from row to row.

By pagination, two related lines can be separated according to page size, making this visual review problematic.

In case what I am trying is not possible, I would appreciate any suggestions.


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@Jorge M A You might want to check the verical scroll value, if it changes then you'll know.. a timer can be useful for this. Just my 2 cents :)

- and as Erel said, a powerful search function is the way to go.