1. Tirecs

    B4J Question [SOLVED] B4J TableView Column Alignment Error in Java versions higher than 8

    Hello forum members, we use this function for setting the alignment of columns of a TableView in our B4J applications: 'Possible Alignments: [ top-left | top-center | top-right | center-left | center | center-right | bottom-left | bottom-center | bottom-right | baseline-left | baseline-center |...
  2. H

    B4J Question Replace TableView With B4XTable

    What should I do to replace TableView With B4XTable in an old B4J project? Is it difficult and may interfere with the software process?
  3. universengo

    B4J Question How to set the columns width of TableView as B4XView ?

    Hello all Pro! I have a problem with my B4J app. I use a TableView as B4XView and I use DBUtils.ExecuteTableView to load my data from *.db file. That load and show OK, but My problem is all columns have the same width. How can I fix this with another column's width? Thanks for your help! Good...
  4. DarkoT

    B4J Question TableView - change background of first column

    Hi, please help... I want to change background of FIRST CELL in header of tableview. With next code I can change last added column; I can not find logic how to get FIRST CELL OF HEADER in tableview. Can somebody help me? Thx... Code: Private Sub SetFilterStyle(Index As Int, Color As String)...
  5. DarkoT

    B4J Question TableView - store column order

    Hi, I want to implement TableView instend of B4xTable because TableView has drag&drop columns sort options and columns can be resized with a mouse. I want to implement also the "save layout" option wich will allow user to resize columns, hide columns and make unique positions for columns in...
  6. H

    B4J Question TableView scrollbar

    Tableview horizontal scrollbar is hidden when columns with is out of tableview width ( when tableview is empty ), i want show scrollbar even tableview is empty
  7. L

    B4J Question TableView crashes after 100 refreshes

    Lectori Salutem, I've run into this oddity where a tableview crashes after it has been reloaded exactly 100 times. It's no use to do it in a loop, that doesn't refresh the table properly but when you click the button 100 times and let the table reload properly the app crashes (not joking)...
  8. behnam_tr

    B4J Question check Tableview HasFocus ??

    hi How Check Tableview HasFocus or Not ??
  9. behnam_tr

    B4J Question [Solved]How Change Tableview Columns Runtime ??

    hello everyone I need to change Tableview Columns Header and width runtime I have a problem with the Tableview When I change the Columns Header and and their width , the format of the previous Columns and their size remain. sample attached.
  10. LucaMs

    Wish SetRowHeight

    SetRowHeight(RowIndex As Int, Height As Double) - Useful to hide rows.
  11. LucaMs

    B4J Question What is that "build" method?

  12. DarkoT

    B4J Question InLineEdit - Enter new value and go to next row

    Hi guys, need little help... I'm using InlineEdit for B4XTableView. It's possible to add new functionality to "send" cursor to next row, after user enter new value? Now system sends the focus to button - outside of grid when user input data and press Enter... User need always click into...
  13. gezueb

    B4J Question How to disable TableView SelectedRowChanged?

    I have a program that displays a tableview. When I click on a row, a SelectedRowChanged event is triggered. This sub calls another form with some detail info about the item clicked. The tableview is closed. So far so good. When I leave the detail form I want to return to the form with the...
  14. saeed10051

    B4J Question How to populate Tableview with a json string

    I am running jokhttputils2 and json parser to get a json string from an online database. I have a Tableview on my java app which i want to populate with the data received in the json string. I am running following code for that Sub loadlistview Dim Table As List Dim p As JSONParser Dim res As...
  15. Jorge M A

    B4J Question How Detect the ScrollChange in a TableView.

    Hello Everybody. How can I detect the ScrollChange in a TableView? I have done many searches and tried several methods and examples that I find in the forum, but most of them refer to the CLV. I've even tried to analyze the code in the Flexible Table. All without success for what I require...
  16. advansis

    Android Code Snippet Flexible Table Sort Icons

    Hi to everybody, when I use Flexible Table (, most times I forget to include the sorting icons in fileassets. Furthermore, I wanted a dynamical way of creating such icons, so I modified the library code. If you find useful...
  17. D

    iOS Question Tableview issue

    The following is failing to fill the table with the values The Log shows values are all there Sub TextField1_TextChanged (OldText As String, NewText As String) TableView2.Clear Log("Text change") NewText = NewText.Trim If NewText.Length >2 Then Log(NewText) Dim rs2 As ResultSet=...
  18. D

    iOS Question Converting B4a to B4i with Listview

    I am converting a successful B4A app to B4i. I am trying to use TableView and then as I couldn't I started looking at CustomListView. I simply want to show a list and click on it and read the value What method do I use to get the clicked on a row in the table Here is my B4A code. I have spent...
  19. N

    B4J Question [B4J] How to take the right Tableview Selected Cell value

    Hi All, I'm using a simple Tableview and I need to take the selected cell value. I used this code and it works perfect: Sub Process_Globals Private fx As JFX Private MainForm As Form Private TableView1 As TableView Private Label1 As Label End Sub Sub AppStart (Form1 As Form...
  20. LucaMs

    Wish TableView - select cells with mouse