iOS Question How to break connection between IDE and phone?


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I'm have two B4i projects open at the same time, but I only have one iPhone. I need to work for a moment in one B4i and test code in the iPhone, then switch to the other B4i and do the same there, including testing the code in the iPhone.

It's a little painful to switch the iPhone between the two B4is. The best solution I've found is not very good: When I leave one B4i I go to Tools -> Device IP Address and pick a wrong IP address to force the IDE to release its connection to the iPhone, making it available for a connection from the other B4i. After a while the first B4i gives an error message, which I have to click.

Over time this becomes distracting and slightly painful. Have I missed something smart somewhere? Do we have a simple way to disconnect a device from the IDE that I haven't found?