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I'm new to B4X and am just getting started with the environment, libraries etc and so am constantly searching for explanations of things are and how they work. I've been working my way through the tutorial videos and booklets but have struggled a bit at times trying to find the definition and use of specific items.

For example, when using the Designer (which is excellent) and trying to decide what a specific control does, I would like to access the documentation relating to it. So far, I've been doing this by googling. Sometimes I get lucky and find a definition but more often I get Forum threads which, while interesting and helpful, are not necessarily what I'm looking for. I'm at a much more novice level regarding the product. For example, I was wondering whether I should be using the Swiftbutton so am looking to find out what it does and how to use it.

My question is, is there a specific search facility for the documentation? Apologies, if its staring me in the face :)



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Try SD FlexGrid. The AddRow2 method allows you to choose the height of each staff
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Hi Erel,
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Sorry if I'm being a bit dumb here but where is the site search feature? I can see search on the Forum page but not on the main page.
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Thanks Mike
I've been looking at the tutorials and videos but probably need to go back and look some more. I think I've either skipped over or not absorbed some of the concepts.

I've been making good progress but have stumbled on some basic stuff which, when I've tried to resolve it has lead me to more complex elements which I've then struggled with. It's just part of the learning process.
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