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Hi, sory for my question, bu I've tried to look for an answer in past messages, without to find it.
I need to get the content of a dinamic web page at regular intervals using Arduino.
I'm using an Arduino Uno with a Ethernet shield. I can connect to local network and get the IP from DHCP server.
But I'm not able to retrieve a page from HTTP

It would work so:
I connect to http://myhost/mypage.php (on port 80) and the server will send back a short string that I will process with Arduino in order to do something.
I don't find the way to call the page and store the answer from server in a variable.
I have tried with WebSocketClient and ConnectHost but I didn't understand how to use it.

The URL is:
And the answer can be:
or null...

Thank you if someone can help me...
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