Android Question How to initialize an encrypted sqlite db created by another app ?


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I have created a database sqlite in vb 2015 with that code:
dim cmd as new sqlite.sqliconnection
cmd=new sqlite.sqlite.rconnection("Data Source = vetesmart.db;Password = "abcd")
Once the database file is on my android phone
I would like to read it with my B4A app.
How can i use db.initialize(databasedir,databasename,false)
Can I use
dim PW as string = "abcd"
db.initialize(DatabaseDir,"vetesmart.db;Password = " & PW & ";",false)

DARDENNE Marc Soveto

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Visibly it do not work with SQLCipher

Database has just be created using VB 2015 code with DLL so I don't know witch encryption.
On a Psion using Compact Framework and Windows mobile CE 5.0 it works with the same code and witout using SQLCipher.
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