Android Question How to make this menu with B4XPages

RB Smissaert

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Thinking about finally moving to B4XPages, but not sure what to do with the menu.
I am using AppCompat and Droppy (DonManfred) for the overflow menu items:

All my screens are based on a panel and showing those screens is done by making all the panels invisible,
except for the panel I want to show.
With AppCompat I use menugroups, with about 5 panels per menugroup. There are 4 menugroups, so the
AppCompat toolbar shows in 4 different ways. One menu item on this toolbar will show one particular panel.

I can move to these 4 menugroups by clicking on the left of the toolbar, with different colours for moving
back or forwards.

Attached a screenshot showing this setup.

What would be the best way to create the same or similar with B4XPages? Ideally I would do away with the 2
dependencies, AppCompat and Droppy, but not sure this is possible.



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