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There is this solution for video recording, but it only seems to work with very short videos. If the recorded mp4 is longer than a view seconds, it seems to be incorrect, playing sometimes without sound on the VideoPlayer (iUI8 library) or, if exported to players of other devices, with other errors (playing only sound, video not moving,...).

tests with different presets, but result not better:
Sub InitializeCamera(front As Boolean)
    If llc.IsInitialized Then llc.StopPreview
    llc.Initialize(PreviewPanel, "llc", front)
    llc.Preset = llc.PRESET_640x480 '.PRESET_LOW
    currentPreset = llc.Preset
End Sub

As alternative way I tried now the Camera of VideoView, but here I can not choose the video quality and not mp4 format, only .mov? Mp4 is really needed for this project.

I really would be thankful, for some advices. Best would be, to make the first low level solution creating correct videos with some minutes duration. Second best would be another way to record mp4 files. Important is the audio and a not too large file size. So video could (should) be set to a lower solution.

Update: also possible would be, record a .mov file with Camera of VideoView and than make a MP4 from this with compression. Somewhere I read, that .Mov is a kind of .MP4, and that you only have to rename the file. But the original format takes more than 1 MB for a second! I have to compress it to a much smaller size. Video quality is not important for me! Still waiting for any help...
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Thanks, this is good. What I also found out yet, for those, that are also interested: You can just rename the .Mov in a .MP4 file. It uses the same encoding and works also on other players.
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