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Hi I am consuming a REST Web Service using an HttpJob and setting the TimeOut to 6 seconds with this command XJob.GetRequest.Timeout = 6000, this timeout is very important, because it is a heavy duty App and if the WebService takes more than 6 seconds, I need to continue with another process .

But I have been told that this Timeout is only for Connection and that OkHttp has timeout for Connection and Read ( So when the connection lasts more than 6 seconds, the connection timeout is triggered and everything works fine.

The problem comes when the connection lasts less than 6 seconds, but the WebService response lasts up to 30 seconds, that timeout is controlled by the readTimeout. I found this code in Java, but I don't know Java and how to implement it in B4A:

public void whenReadTimeoutExceeded_thenSocketTimeoutException() {
    OkHttpClient client = new OkHttpClient.Builder()
      .readTimeout(10, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS)

    Request request = new Request.Builder()
      .url("") // 2-second response time

    Throwable thrown = catchThrowable(() -> client.newCall(request).execute());


Is there any way to set the readTimeout from B4A?

I would appreciate any help because I am over my deadline and my client is starting to get upset.

Thanks in advance.

Jose Cuevas

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Thanks mcqueccu for your response, but the GetRequest.Timeout is just for Connection Timeout, there are 4 Timeouts: Connection, Read, Write and Call, and I need to set the Read and Call TimeOut.

I'm making some tests with this code, and apparently is working. But I need some more tests.

Sub OkHttpTimeout
    Dim connTimeOut As Long = 5000
    Dim readTimeOut As Long = 2000
    Dim callTimeOut As Long = 2000
    Dim jo As JavaObject = HttpUtils2Service.hc
    Dim builder As JavaObject = jo.RunMethod("sharedInit", Array("hc"))
    Dim TimeUnit As JavaObject
    Dim Milliseconds As JavaObject = TimeUnit.GetField("MILLISECONDS")
    builder.RunMethod("connectTimeout", Array(connTimeOut, Milliseconds))
    builder.RunMethod("readTimeout", Array(readTimeOut, Milliseconds))
    builder.RunMethod("callTimeout", Array(callTimeOut, Milliseconds))
    jo.SetField("client", builder.RunMethod("build", Null))
End Sub
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