Android Question How to show a grid on a form. Columns and rows.

Ronald Berardinis

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I am confused.
I see tables, lists, xCustomListViews and don't know what to use.
there are many examples with images.
I just want simple text, rows and columns.
below is in using the GridView control.


What is the best method to use.
Any sample would be much appreciated.


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I am new to this.
Since you are new, your best bet is to go to the below link and work with klaus's Flexible table. It is a class and there is a full example with the class module in it. The first page of the link has a zip file: All you need to do is unzip it in a folder on your PC and start learning and working with it. You may have to read some of the posts and learn gradually. But the example is fully functional. It has the concepts you are looking for your sample. If you have questions, someone or especially klaus is always eager to help. It is like the Browns. they get better gradually.
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I downloaded but the program needs a FlexGrid library.
I am new to this.
I am willing to pay for the program but how would I download.
what is the price someone would donate to the developer?
You can download the library from that thread. There is a link to the library files - "SD_FlexGrid". I assume that you have a licence for B4A - otherwise you can't download it.
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