Android Question How to take a picture and send it to a server

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Alberto Michelis, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Alberto Michelis

    Alberto Michelis Active Member Licensed User

    Hi, having a Sqlite table in the phone, I need to take a picture for each record, save it on the phone and when connected, send the records and each picture to a web server.
    Any idea of how to do it?
  2. José J. Aguilar

    José J. Aguilar Well-Known Member Licensed User

  3. ronell

    ronell Well-Known Member Licensed User

    this is how i upload images on my webserver

    B4A Code
    dim tempImageFile As String = "tempimage.jpg"
    dim image_list as list


        tempfolder = Starter.rp.GetSafeDirDefaultExternal(
    Dim mp As MultipartFileData
        mp.Dir = tempfolder
        mp.FileName = tempImageFile
        mp.KeyName = 
        mp.ContentType = 

    Dim jobupload As HttpJob
    and in the php part

    use the php code in this thread
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