iOS Question How to use a ios app wrapper


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MobileIron is a mobile device management from vodafone to manage devices in a closed usergroup. With the IOS Wrapper, it should be possible to run the app in a seperate container. I now have this things, to make it useful for my app:

- AppconnectAppWrapper with some contents like
- CodeSignature
- MacOS
- Resources

We are using inhouse apps, so it is not possible to look to the apple terms. I don't have some experiences with wrapper. Could somebody tell me, how it works and do I need a Mac-pc?

Thank you for any help...


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Short resonse:
I now bought a mac mini 2011 with High Sierra 10.13.6 and installed Xcode 10.1. I'm now able to run the wrapper and wrap my apps. Thanks you for your efforts.

I have at least one question about it:
The wrapped app could receive app-specific configuration from the server. It should be possible with implementing the followong callback methods on the class that implements the UIApplicationDelegate protocol:


-(NSString *)appConnectConfigIs:(NSDictionary *)config;
-(NSString *)appConnectConfigChangedTo:(NSDictionary *)config;


@objc func appConnectConfigIs(_ config: [String : Any]) -> String?
@objc func appConnectConfigChangedTo(_ config: [String : Any]) -> String?

The documentation says: "The parameter is an NSDictionary object which contains the current key-value pairs for the app-specific configuration."

How could it be possible to implement this in an app?