B4J Question HTTP PostOutputStream ?


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I want to upload a (potentially) large set of bytes from a client (B4J and B4I) to a B4J http server.

So far I found that a PostBytes method, but it seems this requires a byte array. So I guess the entire set of bytes should be in memory before uploading.
If I would use a PostFile I would first need to store the bytes in a local file.

Isn't there something like a PostOutputStream, so that I can use a stream to write the bytes to be uploaded to ?

I would need such a thing both for uploading from an iOS device as well as a B4J client.



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The intention is to write an iOS app to upload movies and pictures from the iPhone to the server. When a user would upload a large 4K video ...

But note that I would need to add a header (first X bytes) to it: so the stream would be

headerbytes+bytes of the movie

Currently I create a new file with this contents (so that the movie temporarily takes twice the space on the device) so this second file can be uploaded...

Ideally I am not taking the file in memory (RAM usage) nor create a second file (storage usage), but send the stream...