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Graeme Mitchell

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Not sure if this is possible but I want to open a textfile from my server, it is available through a http request http:\\\database\database.txt

I was thinking of downloading it to a temp location, opening it, reading the data to an array.

Does this seem ok?

So far I have;

Dim hc As HttpClient
Dim req As HttpRequest

hc.Execute(req, 0)

It seems to work but I cant find the downloaded file

Graeme Mitchell

Licensed User
Hi, i was able to get the file to download, thanks for the help

The file I am downloading is a text file that is currently 5001 rows long and 24 columns wide. I am loading the file i downloaded into a multi-dimensional array, its takes a while and I wanted to add some type of progressbar.

I tried a few things but I couldnt get it to update the bar unless I put in a break and halted the program

Sub FillArray       
   partsList = su.LoadCSV(File.DirDocuments, "Database.txt", TAB)
   Dim MyArray (partsList.size,24)As String
   Dim Dummy () As String
       For i=0 To partsList.Size -2
           Dummy = partsList.Get (i)
       For j= 0 To 24
           MyArray (i,j)= Dummy(j)

End Sub
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