B4J Library HTTPUlils 2 and SSL

Hi all,
For my one needs I have change HTTPUtils to use SSL.
I like to share this if somebody need this.
Now you can use True or False to make use of SSL.
Job.Initialize("yourJobName", Me, True)

I have built this from HttpUtils2 Source 1.02 1.03 Source I don't have.
Version will be 1.04.
I hope somebody like this.


  • jHttpUtils2SSL.zip
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Then I miss something.
This was the only way to download some files from the server.
I have a Https link and I always get Refused when I try to download.
Will try again
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Is the
You don't need to change anything in order to use SSL.

Is there an other Jhttputils2 then 10.3
I always get this on a https URL

Error: javax.net.ssl.SSLPeerUnverifiedException: peer not authenticated
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self signed certificate

Yes I use this and know its better for not. But I need to test this.
I have not find the way to create a Trusted certificate yet without spending money on this only for testing and maybe later use it.