Wish Hyphen in package name


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I know that in Android the hyphen is a forbidden character for a package name, thus I use underscore chracters to separate words.

I'm migrating an app to B4i and I want to use the same package name I use for Android.

When I compiled the B4i app, I got an error and, after some investigation, I see that Apple states that:

"The bundle ID string must be a uniform type identifier (UTI) that contains only alphanumeric characters (A-Z,a-z,0-9), hyphen (-), and period (.). The string should be in reverse-DNS format. For example, if your company’s domain is Acme.com and you create an app named Hello, you could assign the string com.Acme.Hello as your app’s bundle ID."
B4i accepts underscores (invalid for Apple) but not hyphens (valid for Apple) for package names.

Would it be possible that in a future version of B4i we could use hyphen in the package name?