Android Question I fail at Design....


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Good Evening,
I hope someone can help me with this. I enjoy coming up with ideas and putting them together, but when it comes to designing them I fail big time. I have tried searching the forum, but the searches link to old versions of B4A and don't include how to properly use the Anchors in Designer. I can only use the Designer, adding views without seeing where they are is beyond me. :( I have a few screenshots and I have a zip file with some layout files if someone is willing to take a look and give me some pointers as to where I'm going wrong with this. I'm sure its something simple I'm just overlooking, buts its driving me nuts.

I only noticed this since the introduction of anchors. I used to hand script everything and I thought the anchors were supposed to make it easier.


I have seen Klaus' AutoScaleExample7 and I have searched the forum.



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