Bug? IDE Horizontal Scrollbar bug


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I noticed this when I copied and pasted a line of code into a Sub that was initially missing a variable declaration at the beginning of the line of code.

B4A v4.30

I know the examples in the screenshots aren't correct coding wise but it was just to demonstrate the issue.

If the line starts with an unrecognisable command (eg its highlighted in red) and you continue typing on the end of the line of code the cursor disappears off underneath the right hand side of the window. You can't even navigate right using the scroll bar or cursor keys to see what you've written!

Bug1.png shows everything ok whilst typing within the current width of the code window.

Bug2.png shows what happens when I continue typing. Note there is a whole load of extra text that continues off to the right that you can't navigate to using the scroll bar...

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I can see this behaiviour too, however, changing to another code line or scroll the screen in order to refresh it will re-calculate the scrollbar and then it works as expected...