Android Question IDE supported comment tags

Chris Lee

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Hi guys,

Do we know what tags are supported by the IDE in terms of the display of comments for sub routines?

For example I'm aware of code in comments such as:

'Example: <code>Myclass.mysub(dostuff)</code>
Public Mysub()
End sub

The others I know of are the link tag:

'<link>Click here for google|</link>

I've found that <b> for bold works as well as <u> for underline and <i> for italics.

Do we have a definitive list of these as its useful to make maximum use of comments?


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'Testing <span style="color: red; background-color:#7f7;">Red</span> <span style="color: green; font-size: 20">Green</span>
Sub Test
End Sub
So basically it supports all css properties?