Android Question Identify the program as a Trojan because of the old sign key


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I have an old sign.
Four of my apps have been released with this sign key.
I do not know why any application that is compiled with this sign key is identified as a trojan!
The following two items are identified when scanning the apk file:
Android.Malware.General (score:6)


If I create a new sign, nothing will be detected.
Why should an old sign be identified as a trojan ?!
The site where I scan the apk file :


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Only you can say. What have you released with this key? It is not the debug key, right?

Dear Earl, I do not understand what you mean!
What is debug key?
I made a sign key 4 years ago and published several applications and games based on that in two Android markets.
Even in a new project without any code, I use this sign key. The two things I mentioned above are identified !!
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