Android Question Identify USB Connected Devices?


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For as long as B4A-Bridge has been available I have used it so have not used a USB connected device in the IDE for many years and any knowledge of it is now lost. This mainly because in the early days getting a Windows USB driver for a particular device was a bit of a hit and miss affair. No doubt things are better standardized now,

I have a couple of devices that are imports, probably with US configurations, and they don't always connect to my WiFi router and once connected can drop the connection at any time. I think in the UK we have permitted frequencies that are not allowed in the US so when the router hops to one of those frequencies the connections to these devices drop. So I want to use USB in the IDE for these device.

I have, to my astonishment, easily and successfully enabled USB debugging on both of these device, connected them to the PC by USB, run the IDE and loaded an app to both. However, unlike with B4A-Bridge, I can't see anywhere in the IDE which devices the IDE recognizes as available. Using 'adb devices' at command line prompt I can see that a device is connected but only by a cryptic numeric identifier.

So after all that two questions to inform my ignorance.

1) Is there any where in the IDE that tells me there is a USB connected device available?

2) Is there any way of adding a name to the numeric identifier that I see in 'adb devices', or can I see this numeric identifier somewhere on the device?


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From my experience there is no display showing the connected devices.
But, when only one device is connected the IDE recognizes it. Sometimes I need to reconnect my device to make it be recognized by the IDE.
If you have several devices connected at the same time and when you compile the project the IDE asks you which device you want to connect to.

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