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Hi all,
I have a problem.
I am adding panels with labels inside. These panels are all inside a ScrollView and when the user reaches the final of the "list", it catches more items on the database and adds more panels...
Now I want to click on one of these labels to read the details of this item. But how can I "index" each panel, so that I can retrieve the right item?

The "Panel_Touch" sub doesn't help me much, because he has no ID or something to identify which panel it is.
It has only "Action", "X" and "Y".

Thanks in advance ;)


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I use the tag panel property to index each panel that I create

    Dim P As Panel
    svPrincipal.Panel.AddView(P, 0, svHeight, svPrincipal.Panel.Width, ItemHeight)
    P.Tag = "Index" '(A single number or text)

And at the event ...

Sub Preference_Touch (Action As Int, X As Float, Y As Float) As Boolean
'Return True to consume the event
    'Save the selected value panel
    Dim SelectedPanel as panel
    SelectedPanel = Sender
    Select Case SelectedPanel.Tag
        Case "Index"
             Msgbox(SelectedPanel.Tag,"Panel Selected")
    End Select
End Sub
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