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Hi there,

i´ve some problems with InApp Billing.

I can buy Items.
But if i cancel an Item over the merchant console, the item is still available in the app.

After i read

i think somewhat is not fire in the library, or i forgot something in my app. But what ?

Sub billingmanager_OwnedProducts (Success As Boolean, purchases As Map)
  If Success Then
      For Each p As Purchase In purchases.Values
        Log(p.ProductId & ", Purchased? " & (p.PurchaseState = p.STATE_PURCHASED)) '<<< always true
        Log(p.ProductId & ", Canceled? " & (p.PurchaseState = p.STATE_CANCELED)) '<<< always false
        Log(p.ProductId & ", Refunded? " & (p.PurchaseState = p.STATE_REFUNDED)) '<<< always false
  End If
End Sub



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Can it be related to this?
I don't see support for "getPurchases" in this library

Local Caching
Because the Google Play client now caches In-app Billing information locally on the device, you can use the Version 3 API to query for this information more frequently, for example through a getPurchases call. Unlike with previous versions of the API, many Version 3 API calls will be serviced through cache lookups instead of through a network connection to Google Play, which significantly speeds up the API's response time.
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