iOS Question Inject Javascript to Increase Font Size Problem


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When I run the following command, it makes the font larger, but the text at the bottom of a full page of text gets cut off. What do I need to do after this command to allow me to see the very bottom of the page after changing the font size? If I scroll all the way down I can see the last line, but when I release my finger it bounces up and I can't see the bottom line or two. If I rotate the device right after issuing the command below then I can see all of the text when I scroll down. I can also see the text a the bottom of the page after issuing command and then tapping my device's home button and then going back into the app again.

Dim no As NativeObject = WebView1
no.RunMethod("stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:", Array(" = 'x-large';"))

Ok, I think I figured it out. If I run the following code after running the above code, then it doesn't hide the bottom couple lines of text.

NavControl.ToolBarVisible = True
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