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(copied from question-forum as suggested by Erel)

Would it be possible (sometime in the future) to have an "inline-Swift-code" feature implemented in B4i?

I know very well that our B4i-code is translated into Objective-C (and not Swift) but taking into account what outlined in the following article "Using Swift with Cocoa and Objective-C" (Mix and Match) perhaps it is possible unless there are technical reasons how B4i works which would not permit it?

Any thoughts about this?

I have been experimenting a bit with Swift and I find it much easier than Objective-C. This is probably because if you are familiar with Java and C# it has a similar "feeling".
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+1 Would also love to see B4i transition to Swift code, or have the option to compile to Swift. For example:

Tools > Compiler Options > Use Swift
Tools > Compiler Options > Use Objective-C