Share My Creation interface for honeywell chromostat 3 to central heated system

may for no use of anyone, but this small program acts as interface between the standard Honeywell Chronoterm III to a gasoline heated system.
May be not all, but here i got a system which is based on a simple thermostat which controls only the pump, but leaves the burner on.
A second thermostat inside the heater limits the burner to around 60 degrees, thus using fuel all the time even when no demand of heat is there.
Some crazyness of the builder of the heater....

I made a small modification inside a heater, and got now 2 command lines, 1 for the pump, 1 for the burner. Both 220v power switched.
The interface transforms the lowvoltage Honeywell to 220 volts power, counts the amount of time the burner was active, keeps control on the temperature, and when no heat is demanded at least starts the pump 3x a day to avoid blocking of the pump.


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