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Hello all,

I would like to sell source-code of application created by me with B4A. The application name called Invitation Table.
You can follow the application screen-shoots and videos in this thread.

This project use some of great library/feature such as:
1. B4XPages
2. B4XDrawer
3. PreoptimizedCLV for lazy loading
4. CLVSwipe for Swipe and pull to refresh action
5. Biometric authentication
6. xChart
7. More...

All you have to know:
- Better if you have basic knowledge of B4A, B4J and PHP (CodeIgniter framework).
- Familiar with okHttpUtil and JSON library
- The source-code came as is and already tested.
- You really do not need this source since mostly all of the content available in forum, i just combine all of them to be ready-to-use in a fully-working project.
- Give you an idea and speedup learning curve, i hope.

* Only on non-exclusive license.
* You should not sell the source code.
* If you release in Store then name and package name should not same as mine.
* You can learn, modified or add some more features with this code.
* Source code only in B4A (Client), B4J and PHP-CodeIgniter (Server)

What you get ?
You will get three type of source-code:
1. InvitationTable project code in B4A
2. InvitationTable Web Service project code in B4J with SQLite database
3. InvitationTable Web Service project code in PHP with MySQL/MariaDB database

Price ?
USD $65 for all project.

Payment only with Paypal, click this picture for payment.

* Please do confirmation by DM or mail me at with your email address for receiving the source-code

Thank you
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