Invoicing in Android, view in Windows - MySQL

Peter Simpson

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Here we have my Windows invoicing software sharing customers, invoices and stock details with my new Android app (and vice versa). Create new invoices and contacts whilst on the move and it instantly appears in the Windows invoicing and stock control package. Now if only I can find a nice way to sell this business application to new customers. I might have to put it on the Play Store as a 15 day trial version using a pre populated database.

I've been selling my Windows invoicing package for years now, and the MySQL version is a great solution for customers on the move. All my clients databases are held on my online server, this is a nice solution for invoicing whilst on the move. I'll release actual screen shots on this community next week some time, I might even create a video too...



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Next time I'll use the table...

No, no, the carpet is fine!
Think about ads like:
"So easy you can use it by your feet"
"Invoicing at your feet"
"Your new accounting department: direct, easy and comfortable"

Well, a pretty girl could add to the picture but that's not essential :)

ps: waiting for the video..

Peter Simpson

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@KMatle my Windows software (when set to the UK currency) caters for two types of accounting. There's normal accounting and then there's the cash accounting system, both allow my software to automatically run a TAX return when it due.

The payment is logged when invoices and purchase orders have had payments made against them, either part or full payment.

Check out my website, it's the first link in my signature. You will notice that on my website there are two different version of my software. Soon there will be three versions once I release the Android app which is intended to work with Simply Invoice SE.

If sales of the app goes well, I'll add a lot more features. I am thinking about adding a chart for the users personal sales, I'll use the following method from @Mashiane's examples