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Einstein here just bought a variety of Bluetooth relay boards to test for a customer project, which I am pretty sure use Bluetooth SPP and not BLE, then remembered something about B4i/iOS not supporting SPP. Did forum search, can't find any mention of definite progress in this area, but I did find these posts which gave me some hope.

Firstly is this post and the following:
What I use ín Xcode is a framework called : ExternalAccessoryFramework
I think it use/simulate? the SSP profile.
The device I communicate with is the same as I use when I communicate with Android and the serial library
It should be possible to wrap this framework in the future.

Secondly is this post regarding a query to Apple about using Bluetooth:
I have today received this e-mail
in which Apple's reply to Filippo says:
If you are planning to use only standard Bluetooth profiles supported by iOS or Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE), please note that these are not part of the MFi Program and therfore don't requiere a license.
which suggests that iOS supports (some?) standard Bluetooth profiles.

Thirdly is this post about using AsyncStreams:
Create a method that returns NSOutputStream* and return session.outputstream. It will be converted to B4i OutputStream object which you can use with AsyncStreams (start in non-prefix mode).
where the following post has some sample inline Objective C (? I think) but the surrounding discussion suggests incomplete success.

Has anybody successfully used B4i to communicate with Bluetooth SPP devices, eg, relay boards or ELM327? And if so, how?

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Hi @emexes ,

I only use BLE since then, it is much easier and for me it is quite enough.

I also recently used BLE for Android, and now I can use my Bluetooth device for Android and iOS. :)
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