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I have developed an app in B4A. In this app I connect and Android device with an external Bluetooth hardware, using Bluetooth Classic 2.1, Serial library and AsyncStreams object (included in RandomAccessFile library). Now, I would like to migrate the code from B4A to B4i. I now that there are some restrictions with IOS and SPP communication, but I’m not sure if, in my case, I could use B4i. Let me give you details about my full system:

· I’m using a Bluetooth device which is included in the MFi program. This device uses iAP (iPod Accessory Protocol) profile to exchange data with iOS devices via the iOS External Accessory Framework. iAP is RFCOMM based connection (similar to SPP).

· For sure, there is a library of iAP for Xcode.

And my question …is it possible, in B4i, to establish a SPP connection over Bluetooth protocol using a library similar to iAP? If not, is it possible to import a Xcode library (iAP) into B4i?

Sorry if my description is not so good, but I have not really clear the a Apple policy regarding Bluetooth, MFi and so on.

Thank you in advance.


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According to BlueGiga:

You will not be able to use any iPhone or iPad device to discover or connect to this module with its default settings, due to the fact that iOS intentionally does not support the Serial Port Profile (SPP).

So no SPP mode.
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